Shinhan Card announced on the 13th that it will participate in the 2022 Big Contest, a data analysis competition.

Hosted by the Korea Intelligence and Social Security Agency (NIA) and sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Big Contest marks its 10th anniversary this year as a competition to discover talented data and explore new business ideas using public and private data.

The detailed topics of this year’s big contest were selected based on keywords such as corporate (ESG), eco-friendly, and platform, which are recent social issues. Shinhan Card will participate in the innovation field that seeks new business ideas based on data analysis as a task of “making an eco-friendly ESG Jeju travel route for the MZ generation.”

Shinhan Card’s task is to calculate carbon emissions from Jeju travel, accommodation, food and beverage intake, and travel, practice carbon neutrality, and plan an attractive eco-friendly tourism route from the perspective of MZ generation travelers.

In the process, Shinhan Card provides various carbon emission coefficients and greenhouse gas data emitted from travel-related activities by combining its know-how to develop “Shinhan Green Index,” a carbon emission index developed by itself based on its consumption data. In addition, Jeju Tourism Organization’s Jeju tourist destination data and Shinhan Card’s Jeju visitors’ consumption data will be provided.

“The travel sector is one of the three areas with great potential to reduce greenhouse gases in the consumption sector along with the building sector such as food, architecture, and heating,” a Shinhan Card official said. “Improving carbon awareness in the travel and tourism consumption sector is meaningful to raise citizens’ awareness of the climate crisis and induce consumers’ voluntary carbon reduction activities.”

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