Intel held a startup showcase supported by Intel’s startup accelerator program Ignite at the Tech Tour event held in Sheva, Tel Aviv, Israel on the afternoon of the 12th (local time).

At the showcase, a local startup official who received investment through Ignite appeared and explained the product to reporters and market experts from each country. AI that takes orders instead of people at drive-through stores and robots that clean dangerous building exterior walls instead of people drew attention.

Zahi Weisfeld, vice president of Intel’s Ignite division. (Photo = GDNet Korea)
“Intel Ignite is an accelerator program that supports 10 startups at a time and currently operates in Israel, Munich, Germany, and Boston, USA,” said Tzahi Weisfeld, vice president of Intel Ignite. “We will soon expand the target site to one place in another region,” he explained.

AI on behalf of the person ordering drive-through

Hi Auto is a startup founded by CEO Roy Baharav from Google and is developing an AI system that accepts orders instead of people at drive-through restaurants in the United States.

CEO Roy Baharav, who developed the AI system ‘Hioto’ that receives drive-through orders instead of humans. (Photo = GDNet Korea)
“60% of fast food restaurants in the U.S. receive orders through drive-throughs, and 76% of all orders come from drive-throughs. “However, we have to wait a long time when ordering through a drive-through, and employees are leaving due to sales pressure,” he pointed out.

“More than 80% of fast food restaurants in the U.S. are currently experiencing a shortage of employees, which often reduces business hours. To this end, we developed a system that receives food orders with AI and are currently applying it to 250 restaurants in the United States, he added.

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