Siskrapper (CEO Kim Kyung-ho) participated in the “AI SEOUL 2022” held at the AT Center in Seoul in November, and said it is promoting its technology and services to customers who visit the booth and to lead to practical harvests through relationships with buyers.

AI SEOUL is an annual international artificial intelligence conference hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government for the purpose of strengthening networks, sharing technologies, and attracting investment in industrial groups. This year’s AI SEOUL 2022 was held under the theme of “Drawing the Future of Seoul with Artificial Intelligence,” and on the first day of the opening day, more than 200 visitors attended the conference.

Hash Scraper Co., Ltd. is a second-year membership company of “AI Yangjae Hub,” a big data company established in 2018 and an artificial intelligence support organization under Seoul Metropolitan Government. Representative services include Web Crawling SaaS and Hashscarper, which help collect web data without development knowledge.

A company official said, “Artificial intelligence technology and automation algorithms are used in all data collection-processing-analysis processes to produce results faster and higher quality than in the previous process of building big data. In particular, deep learning-based sentences can be used as a positive measure for writers in the 2022 AIEO.”

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