Alibaba pushes for double listing on Hong Kong stock market

The Chinese stock market, e-commerce company, rose as much as 1,103.5 per dollar in the news that Alibaba was applied for ‘dual listing’ in Hong Kong stock market while Japanese stock market is moving to yakppoapsse.

The Shanghai bourse (local time) two minutes 1 p.m., according to the benchmark Shanghai Composite index lost 0.82 percent of the 3276.99. 0.12 percent from the previous day, which started as 3254.19 increase index gain.

New China News Agency, Alibaba said on “will be listed in the United States and Hong Kong stock market when they finish their relevant procedures by the end of the year double” and “They are more extensive and diverse investors to ensure the dual listing in Hong Kong primary market.”

according to the media. The decision of the Alibaba to delisting, the New York Stock Exchange and Hong Kong market, expanding the shareholder base could reduce the risk that the media said. Ali Baba had earlier primary New York Stock Exchange market in September 2014 and 2019 respectively listed on the secondary market to a Hong Kong stock market in November.

Such news in Hong Kong’s stock market cheered. The Hang Seng Index was up 1.48 percent in morning trade, 20,000 to 868.29.

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