Bitcoin’s market price was trapped in the $22,000 box on the morning of the 23rd. Major coins such as Ethereum and Ripple are in a similar atmosphere.

Analysts say that stock prices of big tech companies fell amid poor snap performance, and bitcoin prices coupled with the stock market fell.

Some argue that Bitcoin prices are bottoming out and rising. Following the Terra-Luna crisis, strong inflation, and the so-called Tesla shock, but Bitcoin rarely falls below $20,000.

However, it seems true that shocks accumulate throughout the market. Right now, the second-quarter losses of leading U.S. bitcoin holders such as Tesla, Block, and Microstrategy are expected to reach $5 billion. In the case of Tesla, Bitcoin was sold, but microstrategies and others are expected to purchase additional products.

However, many analysts say that it is difficult to be optimistic about the situation yet. Core Scientific, North America’s largest bitcoin mining company, said it is unusual to sell Tesla Bitcoin at a time when the market’s bursting sound is growing, such as selling a large amount of Bitcoin last month. Furthermore, according to Bitcoin information site BitInfoChart, as of the 1st, there were only 26,284 Bitcoin storage wallets, down 80% based on the maximum value.

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