The blockchain game market is expected to heat up in the second half of 2022. Large domestic game companies will introduce a number of works aimed at the global market, and small and medium-sized developers and platform companies will also add heat to the blockchain game market.

First of all, Wemade, which has achieved great success with the blockchain game “Mir 4” with 1.4 million simultaneous users, is going to target the global market by adding a blockchain system to its new “Mir M.” Mir M is a large-scale multi-access role-playing game (MMORPG) introduced by Wemade in the domestic market in June. It was restored by reflecting a modern interpretation of the game’s original Hallyu (Korean Wave) “Mir’s Legend 2,” and received great attention, recording the No. 1 popularity of Google Play in Korea as well as the sales ranking 3.

Wemade plans to melt goods based on various contents of “Mir M” into the blockchain economy. It is expected to be a more advanced form than “Mir 4.” In addition, a new game token drone (DRONE, Darksteel Reserve of New Economy) will be prepared for “Mir M” and connected to the “Mir 4” game token HYDRA (Hydra) intergame economy.

Com2us is also expected to introduce its new “Summoners War: Chronicle,” which surpassed 10 billion won in cumulative sales in 27 days in Korea, to the global market through its own blockchain platform XPLA. “Summoners War: Chronicle” is the first MMORPG that utilizes the global hit collection type RPG (role performance game) “Summoners War: Arena of the Sky” IP (knowledge property).

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