Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Blockchain technology company Bloco announced on the 7th that it has attracted a total of 5 billion won worth of investment through Daehong Planning, a marketing affiliate of Lotte Group.

Lotte is known to have decided to make this investment after going through due diligence for about two months from April.

With this investment, Daehong Planning aims to preoccupy the industrial market by taking the lead in blockchain technology businesses such as NFT (non-replaceable token) and STO (securities token) within Lotte Group.

Daehong Planning is an affiliate in charge of Lotte Group’s overall marketing, with Lotte Holdings holding a 68.7% stake.

Blocco’s strategy is to continue its technical evaluation (evaluation) that saw a mock technicality evaluation for KOSDAQ special listing last year.

Founded in 2014, Bloco is the first generation blockchain technology company in Korea with the goal of providing optimized solutions for customers who want to introduce blockchain technology

It is promoting a managed service provider (MSP) business specializing in blockchain.

Blocko, which is seeking to be listed on the KOSDAQ for the first time as a blockchain company in Korea, received A grade results in a mock evaluation last year.

Bloco was the first blockchain company to receive an evaluation rating for KOSDAQ listing from a technology evaluation agency designated by the Korea Exchange.

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