Total IT service company EHost ICT announced on the 4th that it will conduct an open beta test on GPU cloud platform “Big Bang Cloud” on the 7th. Big Bang Cloud is a service that allows customers to borrow and utilize GPU server infrastructure optimized for high-performance parallel computation processing as much as they need. It can be applied to various workloads such as deep learning and machine learning in the artificial intelligence (AI) business field.

Big Bang Cloud, built with the motto of “No more High-Price,” is characterized by lending high-performance GPU resources as much as necessary without customers directly purchasing them.

“Even if you purchase GPU resources, it is rare to use them 24 hours a day,” said Lee, an official at the Host ICT AI Artificial Intelligence R&D Research Institute. “It will be efficiently used for companies and individuals who need to temporarily use GPU servers.”

The company explained that Big Bang Cloud is recommended for deep learning and machine learning work for the 4th industrial revolution business, developers who are uncomfortable setting complex development environments by temporarily utilizing GPU resources, and companies or individuals who need to perform AI workload code work.
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