Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

Creator Content P2P Direct Trading Platform


Creator Content P2P Direct Trading Platform Decent. Likewise, various artistic creations such as books, sound sources, videos, and paintings can be traded directly without an intermediate manager, and the producer has IP authority directly. It is also characterized by the introduction of a reputation management system to manage transactions between producers and consumers.

cry out for content rights

On the other hand, there are also platforms that are considering providing opportunities for production and guaranteeing various rights of creations (especially at the copyright level) in addition to the most fragmentary distribution of profits.


Wildspark, a curating-oriented platform that connects producers and consumers. Content creators deliver their own messages through curating their followers, not through an advertising platform. It is characterized by the fact that compensation is also given to the curator, and the distribution path for one’s creations can also be monitored.

“Ongaku Ryoho” by Ongaku Ryoho

By connecting to the selected cloud storage, the producer uploads music and the consumer can download the platform Ongaku Ryuho. Of course, there is no commission that goes to the intermediary.


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