DariSoft, which developed ‘RiaaS’, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based real-time road risk information service, announced on the 28th that it has completed attracting Series A investment worth a total of 5.5 billion won.

SBI Investment, E&Venture Partners, DA Value Investment, and Evergreen Investment Partners participated in this series A as investment companies. The total cumulative investment exceeded 6.8 billion won.

DariSoft will recruit excellent R&D (R&D) personnel, improve service platforms, expand AI modeling infrastructure, and upgrade services to strengthen machine learning pipelines. In addition, it is planning to establish a local subsidiary in the U.S. in January next year to expand overseas and start marketing in earnest.

The two-channel road analysis device currently in production will continue to improve performance and have various additional functions, and will focus on continuous research and development to grow into a world-leading terminal in related fields.

Meanwhile, DariSoft was established in January 2020. It conducts research and development in various fields such as mobility, AIoT, and big data. 70% of the total 25 executives and employees are making all-out efforts to develop technologies and secure patents as researchers. It has secured a total of 12 key patents less than three years ago.

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