Development of AI and cloud-based services at Mirae Asset Securities

Mirae Asset Securities announced on the 26th that it has signed a business agreement with Naver Cloud to develop artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud-based services.

According to Mirae Asset Securities, the agreement ceremony was held at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul the previous day. For the first time in the industry, it has decided to launch an AI-to-customer service with Naver’s ultra-large AI hyperclova and Naver’s cloud platform.

It decided to quickly provide high-quality investment content to customers by using hyperclova for overseas news translation and research report summary. The call center will be equipped with Clova AiCall to enhance STT system and chatbot service performance to support flexible and rapid customer response. The process of document management at branch offices will be improved through automated methods using Clova OCR. Both companies also decided to promote blockchain research cooperation.

An official from Mirae Asset Securities said, “We are continuing to invest in cloud-based financial IT starting with the introduction of Naver Cloud High Performance Computing (HPC) in 2018,” adding, “The two sides will also expand open innovation with this agreement.”

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