Division Network, an irreplaceable token (NFT) asset-based metaverse platform, announced on the 28th that it has signed a strategic partnership with P2E game hub Game Pie (GameFi.org), a one-stop blockchain.

With the signing of the partnership, the division network is included in the Game Pie Hub to establish a close partnership with Game Pie. NFT items and other various products offered by Division Metabus will be introduced along with NFT Sale and Multiverse events.

In addition, the two platforms establish a joint marketing strategy through the two companies’ industrial networks to inform various users of the brand and expand and improve the ecosystem, providing gamers, studios, and investors with an opportunity to experience a different metaverse.

Game Pie is a one-stop blockchain P2E game hub that provides game financial services to game studios, players, traders, and investors at once. It is the first platform in the industry to provide NFT Market Place to enable simple trading of NFT game items within the platform. GamePies are strongly supported by Faraland, Kaby Arena, and DaoMaker.

“We will expand the division ecosystem in cooperation with Game Pie, which has a large community, as we can experience all the games of the promising P2E blockchain platform,” said Um Jung-hyun, CEO of Division Network. “The division team is doing its best to disclose the P2E system using On-Doll as soon as possible through the Land system scheduled to open in the fourth quarter.”

Meanwhile, on the 8th, Division launched the DAO/Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that decides major decisions according to the voluntary participation and agreement of project participants.

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