Eden Loop to List Global Virtual Asset Exchange ‘Gateio’

The NFT open marketplace “Edenloop (CEO Justin Hur)” announced that it will be listed on the global virtual asset exchange “Gate IO” on August 4th, 10PM (KRT) and 1PM (UTC).

According to data distributed by Edenloop, Edenloop has been listed on the exchange, including cryptocurrency exchanges “Bittrex Global,” “Digifyx Global,” and “MEXC Global,” and has completed listing on the Uniswab Exchange, the world’s largest DEX exchange, and is currently able to trade tokens through various global exchanges.

Then, “Edenloop,” which aims for Web 3.0, is an NFT exchange that embodies the true decentralization of the web for personalization of information, and helps protect the rights and rights of digital artists and protect the copyright of creations. In particular, it is a representative ERC-20 NFT exchange in Korea, characterized by increased safety through expanded 2D and 3D IP security technologies.

Edenloop is attracting a lot of attention overseas as it recently released blockchain-based ‘BlockLoop’ and introduced blockchain technology that is one step higher as an NFT portal site. Meanwhile, Gateio explained that it has more than 10 million users worldwide since its establishment in 2013, and is a global virtual asset exchange that provides more than 1,400 virtual assets and 2,500 transaction pairs, ranking fifth on the 27th.

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