Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

Recently, while blockchain game development is underway around game giants, various methods are being attempted to establish a blockchain game ecosystem.

A block chain is a technology that means to chain a block containing transaction details. Blockchain has the advantage of enabling transparent and safe transactions without an intermediate manager as it distributes and shares data recorded to network participants and allows participants to record and manage jointly.

This is also a big advantage for game companies. This is because new values can be formed when games and blockchain technologies that “complet and reward various types of missions” are combined.

As the meeting between games and blockchain is still in its early stages, various methods such as P2E (Play Tour/Money Making Game) and NFT (Unalternable Token), as well as P&E (Play and Un) and P2O (Play to Ooon) are currently being attempted.

Blockchain games that appear in various forms have one prerequisite. It is necessary to establish an ecosystem where users can continue to enjoy playing.

Unlike previous games, blockchain games are characterized by being able to trade goods and items that can be obtained from games outside. As a result, if the user does not consistently provide the use of blockchain items such as NFT, the value will plummet, shaking the foundation of the blockchain game.

Accordingly, blockchain game companies are building blockchain platforms based on their own mainnet, incorporating various games, and building their own ecosystems.

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