Wipple Art Gallery said it will hold an open party of Wipple NFT Gallery at its headquarters in Yongsan-gu on December 2 and hold a new party-style exhibition away from the existing exhibition method.

Nine digital creators were invited to the open party, including OBTI, HAchi, MoriC, Jaeyi, Miné.K, Kim Mary, Wonseo, Cute Han, and Dong-ha, who have shown unique works with their own personalities. In addition, a number of blockchain officials and famous celebrities closely related to the Wipple NFT will be invited to open the grand finale.

In the future, a total of 100 large monitors installed at the Wipple Art Gallery will revitalize the artists’ spaces, while recruiting a total of 99 artists to showcase various digital arts. In addition, we want to promote the true value of digital art by decorating a space where creators and fans can communicate happily and enjoy banquets and exhibitions at the same time.

We wanted to narrow the distance between digital artists and fans and create a new space where anyone can enjoy the joy in the work. Starting with this open party, I want to continue a unique exhibition where anyone can easily recognize the value pursued by Whipple,” he said.

An official said, “Wipple NFT Gallery is a space for communication between artists and fans and is also contributing to the development of culture and art in various ways. He added, “Not long ago, I held a campaign event called ONE EARTH – I won’t go to war.”

Meanwhile, the Wipple NFT Gallery will discover many artists as a gateway for unique and talented digital artists in the future, present their works, and play a role in art sales.

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