Web3 Solutions (CEO Lim Young-kwang) announced on the 1st that “HAVAH,” a blockchain project jointly conducted with Iconloop (CEO Kim Jong-hyeop) and Two Byte (CEO Ham Young-chul), will open community discode, Telegram, and YouTube channels and hold events.

The whitelist event for the role of the Hava Discord OG (Original Gangstar), which began on the 30th, ended successfully as soon as it opened, revealing a new event. The additional white list event for discode friends will be held until the 5th, and a preliminary event for the AMA event to be opened at the end of September will be unveiled soon.

An NFT (irreplaceable token) airdrop event is also underway. Anyone who subscribes to the newsletter on the Hava brand site can receive the NFT of the Hava Friends character.

‘Hava’ is an interchain NFT comprehensive entertainment platform that connects various chains to NFTs issued for games, social, and entertainment purposes. It eliminates the existing inconvenience of using NFT only in certain first issued chains, and advocates NFT-specific multi-side chains that can use NFT regardless of the network. With Hava, users can move NFTs in the binance chain to Clayton to trade at Open Sea, or use Solarna-based NFTs in the sandbox of Polygon.

In addition to basic chain elements such as Mainnet, Blockchain Wallet, Governance and Token Economy, NFT Scanner, DEX, and interchain technology using HAVAH’s latest BTP technology, which is scheduled to be released in the second half of this year, are all applied.

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