Healthcare Data NFT Distribution Transactions

Linkerbus said it was selected for the development of bio information distribution platform technology, a regional-led science and technology R&D project supported by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and organized by Jeju Techno Park.

The bio-information distribution platform technology development project selected by Linkerbus is part of the regional science and technology R&D project that has been carried out since 2020 at Jeju Techno Park to strengthen industrial technology capabilities in Jeju Island by strengthening practical science and technology R&D.

Linkerbus is developing a project to create a personalized healthcare platform based on real-time big data analysis using AI technology with confidence that human hands and nails can become biomarkers.

According to the selection of the business, Linkerverse plans to develop NFT issuance technology for nail, finger, and hand data collected based on AI analysis technology, and NFT issuance technology for time series data sets, and develop marketplaces for safe use of NFT assets.

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