Hyosung Information System supports data-based management of customers with ‘Data Lakehouse’ for modernizing data architecture.

Data Lakehouse is a new open data management architecture that combines the properties of scalable ‘data lakes’ with structured ‘data warehouse (DW)’ capabilities, enabling analysis and intelligence across all data sources and increasing data scalability, agility, and flexibility.

Hyosung Information System, which has been actively targeting the data lake market, is increasing synergy in implementing data lake houses through collaboration with major DW companies.

With the recent development of data analysis technology, the use of GPU DB (database) to quickly analyze data above petabytes is increasing.

Hyosung Information System strengthens collaboration with DBMS company Scream using GPUs and supports data lakehouse implementation for large-scale AI/ML data analysis processing in various industries such as public, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

Customers can use existing analysis systems such as Hadoop, Claudera, and Terra Data as they are, but if they need large-capacity and high-performance analysis requirements, they can additionally build and utilize the analysis system using GPU DBMS screening.

Using the accelerated data warehouse using Hyosung Information System’s high-performance parallel file storage “HCSF (Hitachi Content Software for File)” and Scream’s GPU DBMS, it is possible to stably store petabyte-class large DBs, process complex queries,

and analyze them. In particular, HCSF is a combination of NVMe-based ultra-high-performance parallel file system and object storage, enabling efficient utilization of both performance and cost.

The two companies have increased synergy by supplying products together to large domestic manufacturing companies’ data rake and integrated operation system construction projects.

In the future, it plans to actively conduct consulting and sales activities for data-based management of customers in markets where the use of big data analysis such as manufacturing, communication, and distribution is rapidly expanding.

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