“We will open the Hollywood era in Northeast Asia with ‘Culture-Technology’ that combines culture and technology in the web 3.0 era where metaverse and blockchain are the main.”

Lee Soo-man, general producer of SM Entertainment, made the remarks at the “Korea-China Friendship Forum” held by E-Daily and E-Daily TV, the 30th anniversary of Korea-China diplomatic relations, and the Chahal Society to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Korea-China diplomatic relations.

General producer Lee Soo-man said, “The Korean Wave has already crossed the boundaries between countries,” stressing, “With cooperation with China, Northeast Asia will become the center of cultural content.” “As this is the era of Web 3.0 based on metaverse and blockchain technology, Korea will be able to create the future of culture with Asia, including China, as a first mover,” he said.

In particular, he mentioned that it is necessary to establish a cultural ecosystem in time for the metaverse era. “In Metabus, everyone can be connected as a community,” he said. “Like a play to ear, a play to create world should be opened, so that anyone can create content and the creations created in the metaverse world should be connected to reality.”

The general producer explained that SM’s girl group “Espa” showed the possibility of establishing a metaverse ecosystem. “Espa” is an eight-member group created by a combination of four members active in the real world and four avatars of those present in the virtual world. Espa’s worldview contains a story of humans and avatars communicating and growing through the digital world across the real and virtual worlds. He said, “We opened the door of the future entertainment industry that transcends borders and combines genres with Espa,” adding, “We have become a beloved team around the world with metaverse content.”

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