G-CON X IGC 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the conference), which has become a key side event for G-Star, an international game exhibition, will be held for two days from November 17 to 18 at BEXCO in Busan.

First of all, Hideki Kamiya of Platinum Games, which developed Biohazard 2 and Devil Maycry, will visit the G-Star site as a lecturer.

In addition, Ryozo Tsujimoto of Japan’s masterpiece Monster Hunter series, Keiichiro Toyama of Boke Game Studios, who produced Silent Hill and Gravity Rush series, and Hiroshi Matsuyama, who has developed unique games based on Japanese animation IP, will also give lectures.

Waryong, who recently received attention at the Tokyo Game Show 2022,: PoldaYasuda Fumihiko, the head of Team Ninja, famous for its Inner Stee and Inwang series, and Isamu Kamiko Kuryo, the art director of a number of Final Fantasy series, will also be available at this year’s conference.

In addition to the Japanese region, a number of famous Western developers will also visit Busan through this conference.

Steve Paputsis, chief development officer at Striking Distance Studios, which is developing Callisto Protocol, and David Cage, CEO of Quantic Dream, will also participate as speakers.

In addition, the session of Justin Truman, the Bungee Studio in the Destiny series, and Sean Stein of Gargle Studios, which developed Gus Gooseduk, are also drawing attention as highlights at this year’s conference.

In the case of domestic speakers, Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of Wemade, who is the main sponsor of G-Star this year and has become the most active player in games and blockchain ecosystems and has established himself as a leader in the industry, will give an opening keynote lecture.

In addition, lectures will be given by Jin Seung-ho, director of Line Games, and Noh Chang-kyu, art director of the Neowiz Round 8 LOP development room.

If you purchase passes through G-Star’s official website, you can participate in the conference, and you can purchase passes at reasonable prices through early application discounts that will run until the 28th.

“The biggest feature of this year’s conference is a lineup of speakers comparable to leading overseas conferences such as GDC in the U.S. and CEDEC in Japan,” the G-Star Organizing Committee said. “We will do our best to relieve the disappointment of not holding it normally due to COVID-19.”

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