Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

In the first half of this year, the number of global unicorn companies (unlisted companies with corporate value of more than 1 trillion won) increased by 24%.

While Korea ranked 10th in the national rankings, SpaceX rose to second place in the corporate rankings.

According to the Global Unicorn Index 2022 Half-Year Report released by China’s Hurun Research Institute on the 3rd, the number of unicorn companies recorded 1,312 in the first half of this year. This is an increase of 254 (24%) compared to the previous quarter.

By country, the U.S. produced 138 additional unicorns, with a total of 625 unicorns. This figure is the world’s No. 1 and accounts for half of global unicorn companies.

China ranked second. China has produced 11 more unicorns in the first half of this year and has a total of 312 unicorn companies.

It was followed by △ 3rd place India (68) △ 4th place Britain (46) △ 5th place Germany (36) △ 6th place Israel (24) △ 7th place France (23) △ 8th place Canada (21) △ 9th place Brazil (17), 10th place Korea (15).

In the corporate rankings, China’s TikTok (Douyin) remained at the top with a corporate value of 200 billion dollars (about 271 trillion won), while SpaceX rose one notch to 125 billion dollars (about 169 trillion won).

Then, △ 3rd Ant Group ($12 billion) △ 4th Stripe ($62 billion) △ 5th Shein ($60 billion) △ 6th Binance ($45 billion) △ 7th Data Brick ($38 billion) △ 8th We Bank ($33 billion) △ 9th JDT ($30 billion) △ 10th Checkout Dot ($28 billion) ranked at the top 10.

By city, △ 1st place San Francisco (176), △ 2nd place New York (120) △ 3rd place Beijing (90) △ 4th place Shanghai (69) △ 5th place London (39) △ 6th place Bengaluru, Shenzhen (33) △ 8th place Berlin (23) △ 9th place Hangzhou and Paris (21).

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