Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

Together Funding (Together Apps), an online investment-linked financial company (Ontusa, P2P), announced on the 7th that it will start hiring new and experienced employees in the second half of 2022.

Together Funding will hire a large number of workers to expand its business in earnest as it has been recognized as a sound P2P financial company since the implementation of the Online Investment-linked Financial Business Act.

Together Funding, which currently employs about 70 employees, plans to recruit manpower in each field, including ▲ strategic planning ▲ management planning ▲ service planning ▲ back office planning ▲ service operation ▲ site development and operation, through public recruitment in the second half of 2022. Job applications will run for about two weeks from September 7 to 25.

The recruitment process in the second half of the year will begin with job application, followed by the first document screening and the second interview. When applying for a job, you can submit a free form resume, career description (when applying for a career position), and personal portfolio according to the situation of each job and position. Job applications are conducted through Together Funding website and recruitment sites such as People.

Together Funding is equipped with weight training facilities, jiujitsu mats, and shower rooms in the company building as part of employee welfare. In addition, it operates various welfare systems such as ▲ 37.5 hours a week ▲ support for health checkups once every two years ▲ welfare expenses of 200,000 won per month ▲ self-vacation self-approval system ▲ in-house clubs ▲ self-development.

Park Se-jin, CEO of Together Funding, said, “I think it is most important to secure talent in order to provide a safer and diverse investment environment for Together Funding, which has been steadily growing for the past seven years.”

In 2019, Together Funding was selected as a special company for military service. Accordingly, men with certain qualifications, licenses, and educational backgrounds can replace the military service period in Together Funding. It was also selected as a youth-friendly strong company in 2022 organized by the Ministry of Employment and Labor. In addition, it was recognized for its technology, competitiveness, and future growth potential by the government, such as obtaining the InnoBiz certificate, the first P2P financial company to be organized by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

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