Pepsi ‘covers’ with blockchain startup for eco-friendly supply chain

PepsiCo, a leading U.S. soft drink manufacturer, has adopted blockchain technology to improve the sustainability of its supply chain.

According to Leisure Insight on the 27th (local time), PepsiCo Labs, an innovative department of PepsiCo, announced that it will cooperate with six startups, including blockchain company Security Matters, to increase the sustainability of its European supply chain.

Security Matters is a blockchain startup that focuses on recycling tracking and circular economy. Blockchain technology is being used for waste identification, classification, and packaging.

The company has developed a blockchain-based recycling conveyor that identifies plastics through chemical marking. It stores digital twins of marking in a blockchain network to support product identification and tracking.

PepsiCo plans to use Security Matters’ marking system to track manufacturing process waste and demonstrate sustainability.

Security Matters is working on projects with a number of companies in addition to PepsiCo. It is cooperating with Australia’s largest gold refinery Perth Mint to track gold production and authenticity, and is also participating in the pilot of ReciChain, a plastic recycling blockchain that BASF, a multinational chemical company, participated in.

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