TechCrunch reported on the 21st (local time) that Immortal Game, which aims to provide online chess games using NFT, play-to-earn, P2E, Quest, and marketplace, has attracted $15.5 million worth of Series A investment.

TCG Crypto led the investment, and Casius, Greenfield One, and Sparkle Ventures also participated.

Lim Motol Game has already opened its current chess platform in the form of a beta service. On the Immo game platform, chess horses mean traditional chess horses, and users are rewarded when they complete some tasks.

Special words (pieces) with various sparsity are also provided in NFT. Users can trade these NFTs with Ethereum (ETH) in the IMMOTOR game marketplace.

Immotor Game also provides CMT, a utility token that users can get according to the leaderboard ranking, and IGE, a governance token. In the future, Lim Motol Game is also planning a league tournament and a new game mode.

In terms of infrastructure, Immotor Game is using Imutable X as a layer 2 solution based on Ethereum blockchain, according to TechCrunch.

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