Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

SK Securities and SK Securities, which revitalize blockchain investment, signed a business agreement with the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) to cooperate with each other to discover excellent startups in the blockchain and fintech sectors. The two organizations jointly run a blockchain startup support program and conduct digital new technology exchange and research research together. Lee Doo-yeon, head of SK Securities’ new technology investment division, said, “We will be able to provide various types of collaboration opportunities such as business partnerships as well as start-up investments.”

The SPLASH 2022 startup festival “SPLASH 2022” will be held at the Kim Dae-jung Convention Center in Gwangju from the 5th to the 6th. The event, co-hosted by the Gwangju Creative Economy Innovation Center, Gwangju Free Economic Zone Authority, and KOTRA, will be attended by more than 100 investors from 10 countries, including 200 artificial intelligence (AI) startups. During the event, the IR Pitching Challenge, which will be given a total prize of 200 million won, and a demo showcase linking startups and investors will be held.

Jeju with Space Startup With Daejeon and Sejong researching and Jeonnam producing projectiles, some suggested that Jeju should create a virtuous cycle between regions. This is at the Jeju Space Industry Development Forum. In fact, Jeju is used as a launch experiment site for projectile startup Ferridge Aerospace, and its geographical strengths are highlighted. Ferridge Aerospace has recently selected KB Securities and Korea Investment & Securities as its organizer and is also challenging listing.

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