Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Security Letter participated in Cyber Security World Asia 2022 held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore for two days from October 12 to 13 to demonstrate security solutions.

Cyber Security World Asia is one of the largest exhibitions held in the Asia-Pacific region at the Tech Week Singapore event, and this year’s event was held offline for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the first time as a silver sponsor, Secure Letter introduced the ▲ Email Security Solution SLE ▲ File Security Solution SLF ▲ Email Security as a Service SLES ▲ Content-free Solution SLCDR (Secu Letter Email Security as a Service).

The conference’s presentation session also introduced the latest cyberattack trends through document files and their reverse engineering-based security solutions to local customers, analysts and security industry officials under the theme of Proactive Protection Against Advanced Cyber Threats.

“Many companies are using public cloud e-mail not only at home but also abroad, but most of them are not satisfied with the basic security provided by the email service they are currently using,” said Jang Jung-sun, head of the Secureter’s overseas business team. In particular, he showed great interest in Secure Letter’s service-type email security solution ‘SLES’, which is simple to install but provides strong security, he said.

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