Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

SPO LIVE, a sports competition prediction company

SpoLive, a domestic sports match prediction company, announced on the 13th that it will change the company name to “SpoFeed.”

The company explained that it will change its name to expand its vision and business in line with the rapidly growing environment after COVID-19, such as blockchain, NFT, Korean Wave fandom, and social casino. The old name SpoLive remains its flagship game brand.

Earlier, SPOFeed has been considering expanding its business to overcome the limitations of single content of sports match prediction games and enter the global market based on various contents.

In this regard, SpoFeed has been considering changing its name to symbolize the image of content companies in various fields, and passed agendas such as replacing new corporate names and CI through a regular shareholders’ meeting on March 29.

According to the company, the new company name SpoFeed implies the meaning of the total platform that provides various games and contents. CI, which will be newly applied, will be applied to all images of the company and existing services that have been renewed starting this month.

“The change of name is part of the change to provide various games and contents including sports to the global market,” said Kim Hong-min, CEO of Spoofed. “With this change of company name, we will leap into a global content company that communicates with users from around the world.”

Meanwhile, SpoFeed is promoting overseas exports of sports match prediction game contents and supply and demand of new contents for the Americas and Southeast Asia.

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