Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Blockchain fintech company Glue announced on the 23rd that it has partnered with Mexican fintech company Yopio, which provides interest-free credit loans to alley stores.

Glue plans to expand blockchain credit network services to Latin America through this partnership.

Founded in 2018, Yopio is providing interest-free credit loans to alley stores to provide financial benefits when stores purchase goods. It also provides digital payment and credit payment services instead of cash to customers in alley stores.

In the future, Yopio plans to transparently manage the creditworthiness of alley shops and users by utilizing Glue’s blockchain credit network “Creditcoin.”

Glue will also play a role in connecting capital from developed countries to invest in Yopio. Unlike the existing DiPi, which relied on leverage, “open pie,” which is connected to the real economy, will reduce investment risks and provide stable operating funds to partners.

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