Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

Although public interest in Metabus has waned recently, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has not given up and is running hard.

He vowed to create a metaverse platform for 1 billion people within 10 years. He has pledged to create millions of jobs for creators and developers, including hundreds of billions of dollars in digital commerce.

Zuckerberg, “Make 1 billion metaverse in 10 years.”

Zuckerberg, who used Metabus as his future vision and changed the company’s name to “Meta,” is so active that last year alone, he poured 10 billion dollars (about 13.8 trillion won in our money) into building Metabus. In the second quarter of last year, losses in the metaverse sector alone amounted to $2.8 billion (about KRW 3.9 trillion), which is still like a bottomless pitfall.

Other domestic and foreign tech giants are also continuing to invest and develop new services, although Metabus is not profitable.

“Be rich on the metaverse” SKT, E-friend’s economic system is in operation

Meta, which is striving to build a metaverse platform, is using a strategy to acquire and merge small startups that have developed related technologies. It is also a method that technology giants used to accumulate technology in the past growth process, and the results have led to a market monopoly, so regulators are putting a brake on Meta’s move.

Meta absorbs virtual technology startups one after another

If Metabus is a platform that many people will use in the future, it should not be allowed to monopolize. Today’s harmful effects, such as Google and Apple using their monopoly status to force “in-app payments,” could occur on Metabus, where developers raise application fees and eventually damage ordinary users.

Next, we’ll look at the key technology trends from last week.

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